Data Center Relocation

IT asset relocation locally, nationally, and globally.

Why trust your data center relocation to a general-purpose moving company?

From small server moves, to moving thousands of data center assets globally, Park Place Technologies has been relocating IT assets for over 10 years. Our team of data center relocation specialists and experts are experienced with the nuances of physically moving data center hardware knowing how to identify and avoid potential risks. When it comes to deinstallation and reinstallation of assets, we use our Field Engineers, who work in data centers every day and are experienced with handling critical systems.

Data Center Relocation Solutions

As a trusted data center moving company, Park Place Technologies provides turn-key data center, storage, and server relocation solutions including:
    • Green-light to green-light guarantee. Park Place will repair or replace hardware which was green light verified prior to shut down that cannot be green light verified after the move.
    • Skilled Field Engineers to de-install, re-install, and power-on physical data center devices.
    • Professional electronics packers to ensure no physical damage to your equipment. Dedicated GPS tracked, air-ride climate-controlled transport, with two drivers to ensure chain of custody and data security.
    • Custom developed quality control tool for cable/port mapping validation. Identifies duplicate port mapping errors prior to relocating assets and generates a report for verifying cable mapping during re-installation.
    • Dedicated project management by a qualified Relocation PM/Specialist to assist with relocation planning and oversight of the migration process.

Why you can trust us with your IT asset relocation assignment:

  • We use only qualified field engineers and technicians to move equipment
  • Asset relocations include all types of IT infrastructure from small servers and network devices to large storage arrays and mainframes
  • Spare parts available locally in the event of a hardware failure
  • Manufacturer coordination if needed
  • Experience in transporting equipment via dedicated direct, climate-controlled, air-ride truck, LTL, commercial air, chartered air, and sea. All transit insurance up to $3.0m per vehicle
  • Capability to provide asset swap equipment (aka “swing gear”)
  • Mature, standardized relocation tools and templates - draws consistent results
  • 10+ years of experience specializing in reducing risk while operating efficiently in business-critical environments with minimal impact to your IT infrastructure
  • Manufacturer independence provides clients with vendor agnostic solutions
  • Flexible service model provides numerous options for delivery and cost control
  • Global reach with our 400+ field engineers technicians experienced in physical hardware support